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“My name is Amber Rikard, and I am a freelance graphic designer, writer, editor, and all-around creative. While I mainly work with non-profit organizations, I’ve been designing wedding invitations and other printed materials for brides over the past eight years, and it brings me so much joy to play a small part in each wedding day.

Before the design process ever begins, I love to listen to each bride’s inspirations, favorites, and what she dreamed as a child her wedding day would be like. I believe it’s important that pieces of her heart and history be sprinkled throughout her wedding day, starting with the invitations.

I’m this weird mix of creative and methodical. I subscribe to the idea of “creativity with rules,” which means that I enjoy being innovative, fresh, new, and truly creative, but I also like staying within the rules of good design. I take this design philosophy and apply it to creating wedding invitations, but I also get to do the fun part of talking with brides!

I just got married last September, so I’ve recently gone through the planning process, from designing my own invitations (fun!) to saying, “I do” (even more fun!). I know firsthand what it’s like to plan a wedding today in Atlanta.

Visit my website,, to look at my past work and shoot me a message. I’d love to talk with you!”

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